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About Us

A successful EHR implementation requires a great team. With EHR Doc Consultants that is exactly what you get. We provide you with medically trained consultants with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of EHRs who have worked implementation projects across the country.

Our mission is to assist in end-user adoption of new EHR softwares. We understand this transition is a huge change for the entire hospital system. Our focus is to improve end-user efficiency and productivity, which enables these providers to deliver better patient care and safety. As a result, these facilities will benefit from cost savings without interference of the all important provider-patient relationship.

EHR Doc Consultants is not your typical healthcare consulting firm. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions that help our clients improve operational efficiency, financial performance and most importantly patient care. We are here to bridge the gap between clinical medicine and technology by providing your clinicians with the best possible support.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unlike your typical IT consultants our team uses system on daily basis as an end-user.
  • We are able to relate the requirements and tasks each clinician must complete.
  • Our consultants are able to more effectively communicate with providers and understand medical terminology and vernacular.
  • We are able to step-into the shoes of the clinicians because our consultants utilize the system in the same way as your end-user.
  • Most importantly we understand the stress of this field, we just try to make the change easier

Let us help you bridge the gap between clinical medicine and technology!